Complate Pineapple Processing Line:

The providing technique of pineapple products viz . Slices as well as Juice includes loads of procedures and several sub-processes . Ripe and then matured pineapples are wiped clean , grouped and peeled . They likely are frustrated in the crusher to acquire juice .

During any slices , after peeling , united slices are produced on the slicer . Juice is so consumed to vessels and then boiled and selected chemical preservatives are applied . This is lastly utilized to storing it tanks and packaged in bottles on vacuum filling machine . In case there is slices , they may be dipped in sugar syrup for approximately 3 to 4 hours . So the slices are consumed to lacquered cans and also cans are sterilized . Although canning , sugar syrup is applied . Cans are cooled instantly as well as after sealing and labeling , these are stocked . The standard generate is just about 80% . The Procedure Approach Chart is just as under :

Canned Pineapples :

Fruit------ Sorting -------- Washing-Grading-Peeling –------- Slicing---------- filling into jars/cans with syrup –------vacuum sealing ----------pasteurizing and Sterilization------------------ cooling- Labeling and Storage

Pineapple slice processing

Processing Line for Pineapple Production(Machinery & Equipment):

Fruit Processing Machinery

Pineapple Juice Concentrate:

Fruit------ decrowing-----weights-------washing------sorting------cutting------juice extraction-----buffer tank-----prefilter------pastuerisation------microfiltration-----reverse osmosis-----evaporator----filling in can-----sealing-----retorting-----labelling-----pack in cfb----sealed-------despatch.

Operating process of Pineapple juice manufacturing plant:

  • The processing ability is different from 5 tons/day to 150 tons/day .
  • The product line Could overcome comparable appearance of many fruits .
  • Applying the maximum economical of mango destoner to progress the mango performance percentage rate successfully
  • Making use of cost-efficient belt juice extractor to increase the juice performance as well as the productiveness range of pineapple .
  • The making procedures totally fully automatic PLC regulate to help save labor and thus Perform preparation own management
  • Low-temperature vacuum evaporation ,Maximize arrange for the flavours components and the essential nutrients as well preserve energy .
  • Tubular UHT sterilizer and additionally Aseptic filling up unit , help produce advantageous aseptic juice improvement products
  • Fully automatic CIP/SIP cleaning up ,ensure the over-all product line instrument of foods sanitation as well as stability demands

Pineapple Pulp & Juice Production Line Layout:

Fruit Processing Machinery

Pineapple Pulp:

Fruit ------- Sorting ------- Washing –------- Peeling and Sorting ------------Pulping and Straining --------De aeration (partially) –-------- Pasteurizing or Sterilizing -------- Filling ---------Cooling -------- labeling and Storage.

Pineapple Pulp & Juice Production Machinery:

pineapple washing process Fruit washing Machinery Fruit Processing Machinery
Picture#01 Picture#02 Picture#03
Fruit cutting machine Fruit Processing Machinery Fruit Processing Machinery
Picture#04 Picture#05 Picture#06
Fruit Processing Machinery Fruit Processing Machinery Fruit Processing Machinery
Picture#07 Picture#08 Picture#09

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